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  • Jadisofeternity

    November 2016 update

    November 21, 2016 by Jadisofeternity

    November is the Month of Nano. 

    For Nano this year I chose to begain a complete re-write and completion of Destiny of dreams. Although I have had many other things going on in my life and thus little time for focused writing, I have been keeping my word count caught up bareley and in so doing filling in alot of gaps in world creation and backstory which will be very helpful in my being able to writ a complete story when the time comes and i am able to actually take time to write. 

    The approach I am taking is I am wring the story over from the begining [arriving at the planet, not the newstart begining] and when I come to somehting thatraises backstory questions I stop and answer them I've been stuck at the inn with Dara Jeen for a week or so…

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  • Jadisofeternity

    February 2016 update

    February 25, 2016 by Jadisofeternity

    The NaNo project didn't go well, but was still productive. Although I "won" nano, I did not write a complete story. However, I did alot of very helpful charactor development and world building. I have also started a picture book based on the first part of the Nano. 

    Although I have done very little actual focused writing in the past year I've been doing alot of thinking and I am feeling very ready to do some much better writing as soon as I have my life in order enough to take some time out for more focused writing. The same is true with artwork. I am feeling very hopeful about my progress on all aspects of this project.

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  • Jadisofeternity

    August 2015 update

    August 23, 2015 by Jadisofeternity

    After several months of not having access to a computer I have obtained a laptop in anticipation of doing a very dedicated Nanowrimo this coming November. 

    I've gone through alot of personal and spiriitual growth over the past few month and I anticipate this will have a positive effect on my writing when I manage to get time to write again. 

    I am planning to do a backstory about Matthias Daniels and his little brother Sammy for my Nano. Theoretically it's going to be a complete Novel of the sort that's aimed at about 10 year olds. 

    I've got alot of non-writing relating commitments right now,--family things,personal things, housekeeping things,spiritual things, a new part time job, the pow wow, etc... but I am looking forward to getting back t…

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  • Jadisofeternity

    I haven't been online at all these past few months and haven't been writing as such but I have been thinking about it alot and working on things in my mind. I am very excited to be getting back to writing, many plans on how to make the story better and where to go with it, but I've no Idea when I will have time to focus on it again. this doesn't concern me though becuase I know when the time is right it will happen and in a way which will serve God and serve the needs of both myself and whomever else the audiance of this story eventually, years from now, turns out to be. 

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  • Jadisofeternity

    November 2014 update

    November 30, 2014 by Jadisofeternity

    I haven't been writing much or online much because I am dealing with foundational problems that I want to get cleared up before I get back to writing so that when I do turn my attention back to writing I will be able to give it my full attention. I'm putting my life in order. 

    I supose paragangia wiki forms a part of my hoarding, but I think also it was a way of making order-- things with a place, things in place, rather than just a random stash of stuff. 

    when I get back to writing, I intend to organize things both here and on my computer, get rid of alot of old things which are not historically significant, reduce duplication, and then go forward in a much more focused way. 

    it will [for me, being currently the only audiance of this]be woth…

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