Thaeron Roizoh and Alexandreil after des dies

I need to work on everyones motives for these events.


When Desmond becomes Paragan Alex is given no choice. It is an arranged marriage. He does love her though and he trusts that is freinds are protecting him in the best way they can under the circumstances.

Thaeron is at ESM at this point, controling the leaders there[how much would they know about Thearon being there? Sen'tran and Desmond would not know anything about THearon. even Jonathan and Alex would know very litte, and might think Carlos was the one in control, since THearon always worked through Carlos.

He becomes obcessed with Alexandreil, actively trying to control him. He sees Alex as his access point to the New Paragan, and does all in his power to gain control of ALex. Thus Alex becomes personally aquainted with THearon and realizes his father was under THearons control, and the abuse he received from Carlos was not personal. this gives ALex some sympathy for his father. it also gives him sympathy for RHonda who is so much controled by THearon.

(also probably to torture and abuse him and trying to turn him against his friends and such.) Thearon learns about Alexandreil's dreaming ability.(how? and how does he control him. and how was the dreaming kept from him before this? because Jonathan is a telepath and Thearon knows him to be a telepath and knows his genetics and His father's intentions in creating Jonathan, He might know that a telepath cannot have dream skills.

After the death of Desmond, Darcy sen’tran and Jonathan know about Thearon’s part in it, (Alexandreil tells Jonathan in dream. then Jonathan knows it is his fault because he taught Alex the skill used. Alexandreil being distraught bames Jonathan "you should have protected me, you promised you would protect me" --Jonathan blames himself, because he failed to protect Alex and Sen'tran blames himself for not knowing about Thearon, and because Thearon exists due to Sen'tran's mentoring of Kaizen) but Thearon has fled ESM[ how does Thaeron flee after Desmond’s death? He does he make himself undetectable to Sen'tran, even after Sen'tran knows of him?}.

Darcy stays with Alexandreil while Desmond goes into exile to protect him from Thearon ever returning. The exile is Jonathan's Idea and he insists on it. the others do it for his sake. Jonathan promises to protect Jason. Staying away as long as possible is his first strategy for that.

in the time of Jason,

Thearon used Rhonda’s trip to roizoha to find a way back. when Harris and Jason are in D’zeron and Sen’tran goes to Roizoha to take care of a medical emergency there. the medical emergency could have been caused by Thaeron. when they return from D’zeron, Thaeron has replaced Rhonda, and Rhonda is taken captive on Roizoha, ready to be rescued by her son in some far distant Sequel.

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