the description below is from before I started writing the Matthias Prequel Oct 2012 Pre-NaNo version. the current description of Taz can be found on the page Tazmenae

TazMenae Blackburn is part Paragangian and part African American. She is trying to get into the Dream Studies program by trying to seduce Jason Scott-Harris, which she sees as the only way for a woman to get what she wants. Jason hates her and is terrified of her, but she is very persistent, and not at all wise in her approach to him. Matthias LIkes her, she reminds him of his mother so he sees her as sort of kin, and wants to help her. On the other hand, he disapproves of what Taz is trying to do to Jason.

in this situation they spend alot of time together and get to know each other pretty well. Matthias in due time is very attracted to her, and she realizes this and starts trying to use Matthias to get what when wants from Jason.

She's also a gamer and doesn't want to lose the sport of seducing Jason.

Eventually, however, Matthias and Taz become romantically involved and began to practice shared dreaming together.

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