Smoke of burning roots events:

copied from trilogy 2 events and updated Nov 27 09

this book will be primarily about Desmond and Tark, told in recounting of memories, filling in those two backstories in a way which they Paralell eachother

Start in D’zeron when they decide who will go back and why. they will then journey to Jai-ten together, and spend a night on the beach (lol the place for spiritual campfire talks)

reunion with the Marrion Jay, learn what they have been doing

before leaving Terran 8 they send a message to Alex that Tark is with them, so Alex will be prepared to see Tark.

arriving at PHS from Marrion Jay, day 1

They do not stop to touch the wall because they want to see Jason’s parents and will have more time on the return trip.

Rhonda goes to Leon, Darcy follows to protect him. (Thaeron is not revealed to the reader at this point, so we see this only from the outside)

Jason Serai Harris and Chath visit 3 days in Kansas.

in Kansas Jason Serai Harris and Chath learn about Gloria’s time on the station and Bout Desmond.

--Tark stays with Alex, they dream, and reawaken Desmond. the three of them talk about the past also. Alex is too preoccupied with this to miss Darcy.

since there are several story lines they will all have to conclude somehow here. and the smoke of burning roots ceremony theme of burning the ties to the past to go forward needs to be woven through it and emphasized. the opening scene would be that ceremony in D’zeron, and the closing scene would be an earth or Paragan equivalent to it. something showing they feel they are ready to go forward. Jason agreeing to touch the wall and admit his heritage, Alex able to leave in the past what happened with Tark.

(I’ll have to figure out how he gets back to being so pathetic in the next book. Probably because he feels he has caused another death of someone who is important to Jonathan. Alex loses perspective easily)

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