as of jan 2014 this is not a significant thing in the storty but I will probably get it back in at some point. basically is is a group of powerful, more or less super-human individuals who are trying to influence the lives of others for the good of the galactic society as a whole.

I think it was previously also called the Shamen cult. there may be other names. 

in previous versions, there was a secret organization of the characters who had supernatural insight, such as Sen'tran and Jo and Darcy and Re. this still exists, but I'm not sure what form it takes. 

IN the current version perhaps Re Jenzar is secretly the leader, and thus he might appear in this book at the implantation ritual of Harris...which might not apear in this book [I am currently working on History of Paragangia]

Shae also in some sense leads the guild, though his power is limited by his dream bound status, and Sen'tran of course is openly the leader of the galaxy. the SHamen consult with him and give suggestions but do not tell him what to do. they also don't let him in on everything they choose to do when they know he will pose it, for instance when they free Kai-zen from his entrapment on planet Rhoisoh.

Re will probably--perhaps certainly--appear in the end scenes of Destiny of Dreams, when Harris and Jason become Paragan. He might also meet with Harris and Allissa after Sen'tran dies to initiate them into the guild.

this would be when the guild was fully explained. Carsten and Jason would be contacted by the guild only when they embark on their final journey as Zenith and the Old Man.

Door Matt who stands at the door of ESM and tells unsolicited fortunes is another minor member of the group.

Rae and Leroy from Homeworld LDS colony would also be part of the guild.