Sentran and Alex and Jonathan

Alex’s father wanted Sen’tran to give one of his children a central control implant, so they could become the leader of the empire, centering the new empire at ESM. Sen’tran refuses. Sen’tran does not know Thaeron is at ESM but he does not trust Alex’s dad. Sen’tran has been trying to find someone who can take over the empire ever since the shattering.

Sen was the one who banished kai’zen, and removed his genetics from the royal line, even though he descended from Paragan. {figure out the exact connection between him and PAragan…a younger son? how did he come to be with Sen’tran?}

Jonathan, therefore, Sen’tran thinks might be potentially Paragan …Sen’tran could restore him to the line…and that’s one reason why he protects him so carefully. but also because he could be dangerous, and because it would be bad if Kai’zen found him

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