Section 1 essential back stories and world creations April 2011

Desmonds death and Jonathan’s exile

--Jonathans current relationship with Alexandreil.

--Jonathan’s state of health

D’zeron/terran 8 history:

Lenn and Alex and the dragons and the ancients.

the reason fr the ban add for lifting the ban at this time.

Jonathan’s memories of Jai-ten, D’zeron to share with Jason

Jason’s field studies

The history of retro-technology

Current level of America technology and government, and interchange with Paragangia


---who knows what and how and why.

--his powers and limits

--Jonathan’s memories of child hood with Alex to share with Jason

Motives: [see motives file I sec oe folder]

--Alexandreils reason for contacting Jason in this way at this time.

--Sen’trans reasons

--Jonathan’s motives

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