Samuel James Daniels--13 year old younger brother of Matthias from 2013 pre-nano story Matthias and Taz.  

3 year old brother of Matthias in 2015 Nano Novel Castle of Dreams 

 They are very close, Matthias was a father figure to him, and Sammy keeps in touch with Matthias even durring the time when their mother is disowning Matthias. He acts as a go between for them to some degree. 

 Sammy's father died around the time he was born, his father Ezra Daniels, was a police officer and a sort of local hero, who did in the line of duty. Matthias Idolized his adopted father, and because of this was very attached to Sammy and because a father figure to him when Ezra died. Ezra was african American, so Sammy looks African American, Ezra was also sort of a spy, who had been assigned to investigate Matthias because of his alien ancestry, but fell in love with Matthias's Mother Rosalie. this however will not be discovered until much later.  

 Sammy is a very intelligent character, especially with good with math. He's also very religious. His mother is very socially active in Church but not very religious outside of that. at one point I planned to write a sereis of short detective stories featuring these two brothers when they are younger. My 2015 nano was an attempt to do that but turned out to be something entirely different. 

 as a child, Sammy looks up to Matthias as a father figure and goes every where with him, this means he is climbing trees and ridding hoover board and skate boards at a very early age, He's also good with technology because of working together with Mathias when very young. He's friendly and social  

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