Posting this story where it might be stolen is better than leaving it in my computer lost and forgotten amid the chaos. I will gradually organize all my rough drafts here, as I work on them.

for now I won't attempt to add all past drafts, but add current things as I work on them.

this page will be a list of links to the drafts I am assembling here.

Christian The prince of Hell. updated Sept 15 2012 

Current draft of New Start Version

Keys of the Kingdom trillogy?

Faith of Our Fathers .?

Basically the last section of Jason's main Destiny of dream story, this book begins with them finally opening the wall to receive the message from Desmond which includes a set of scriptures for Harris, Harris's sudden and extreme conversion to Mormonism, Including getting permission to be baptized, [leading to permission for the whole Paragangian people to be baptized even with implants, but that would come later]

Jonathan returns[reunion with Sen'tran reconfirming Sen'tran is his father, not his mother and not Kai'zen his father.] and is dream bound, Desmond returns, Jonathan dies, Harris marries Allissa, Sen'tran dies, Harris and Allissa arrive in time for Emily's birth, emily is born Jason embraces the Gospel.