Rae character description Feb 2010.

Rae is an old woman Jason stayed with on Homeworld.

I wrote a file about her before and now I cannot find it anywhere, but I know I have it somewhere.

She is Jason’s aunt? or great aunt? She is the Chosen one before him. she is present at his birth, and at the birth of his daughter. she comes to his dream marriage through the dream plan to bring the spirit of Emily so she can be born to Serai as a chosen one.

Desmond lived with her and she welcomed Sen’tran and Alexandreil and Jonathan when they came to visit.

she is married to a severely disabled man whom she rescued from a swamp in lousiana right after she takes Desmond to earth for his military training? I remember writing this story.

he was ferrel in the swamp or something, and had killed people or something so they were hunting him, and she goes out and finds him and takes him home to HomeWorld and marries him. He has some sort of communication problems…can’t talk or something…but he is a musician, and he is the person who made the guitar that Jason carries around all the time.

I will have to find this story. it is possible I write it by hand and never typed it up, maybe, as I know I had a few pages like that from my latest Nano month.

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