What needs to be set straight in the Paragangian galaxy:

Paragania reunited as an empire.

Paragan returned to the ruling of Paragangia.

[Jason convinced that Paragangia is good so he will choose to take his place In it]

Alexandreil relieved of his burden of leadership/ Jonathan returned from exile.

The evil unleashed on the galaxy by Kaizen Rhoiso/Thearon stopped

The written language restored, Paragangia returned to the path of Paragan.

the scriptures returned

the truth about Desmond and Jonathan and everyone revealed

planet Paragania restored.

Lenn Rescued from the dragons and reunited with Alexandreil

Gaia stopped [ Jason married to Serai and Emily born to stop Gaia]

Sharae rescued from Gaia [and everyone else he consumed]

The ancients and proto Paragangians and Paragangians all reunited on their HomeWorld.

The backstories build by Zenneth

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