The prophet of the time of Jason should be a direct descendant of Martin Harris, so President Harris, so Jason would bear this legacy also. and he would be a sort of great Uncle of Jason’s father Desmond, so Desmond’s rise to popularity was a very public thing in the church becuase of his relationship to the prophet and his excomunication, because the prophet was involved also was a big deal. super big deal. I’m not comfortable writing for an even imaginary prophet. I’ll be very prayerful about that part. But it will also bring MArtin HArris into the story as a significant ancester, so Jason would have studied up on him so I will need to do so also.

Sen’tran would ahve met with the prophet about Jason and about the relationship with Paragangia and the church and they agreed that Paragangians would not be allowed to be baptized at this time. and members would not be allowed to keep paragangian technology implanted in their bodies. In the case of those who have it when they convert it would be decided by the prophet and sentran whether it could and should be safely removed. so Pargangians always have the choice to exile to join the church if they wish but they cannot serve both GOd and Pragangia. in thejoining the church sense of serving God, but Sen’tran consisders his service to paragangia a service to GOd also. Sen’tran is the king David of the restoration leaving Harris [and his wife] to be the true prophet of the restoration of Paragangia.

the prophet could also be named Desmond Harris and Desmond could be named for him. President D. Richard Harris…d is for Desmond.

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