this list is very random. and very incomplete but it's a starting place. Earth Places


Manhattan Kansas,


Manhattan High School

Spring Kansas,

Florida ,Edit



village by esm [name village]/ where Lonnies family lived/ site of first contact

American Side--the tourist area of ESM

Free Market--a dangerous, lawless area outside the wall near the village and near ESM. it's not really a bad place, overall. there are american gaurds with paragangian weapons gaurding it to keep the lawlessness form spilling out into the village. 

American Side clinic. a medical clinic serving the needs of Terrans and stray Paragangians arround ESM. they ahve some access to Paragangian medical equipment, but not much. 

Oaxaca [fix spelling]Edit

Village where Jason's priest lives

Vera CruzEdit

Jordan lived there for a time as a child and bad things happened durring that time. Visits there with Suzanne.


other planet placesEdit

Terran 8Edit



Ancient ForestEdit


Port Depot of Jai-Ten

AIr car rental place

Port Authority office [where messages are sent from]

Museum of Retro-Technology

Beach of Jai-Ten

Aissis Oasis

Forest on Jai-Ten

the AncientsEdit

Dream PlaneEdit


Moonlight OasisEdit


Homeworld LDS colony

Blue Destiny/ Beta BlueEdit

Hell Colony

Planet Mexico


before the shatteringEdit

Restored Paragangia /New ParagangiaEdit

Paragangian placesEdit

Earth Station Mexico [aka ESM]



New Paragangia [Harris initiates the reconstruction of the planet Paragangia promarily from the same mater it was composed of. this time it will NOT be a dead planet, they will restore what they distroyed]

Marrion Jay

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