...are hard to draw because they have black skin, catlike teeth and are taller than the average human,

black skin:Edit

Jason and Harris scan

only on his hand did I try to show the color of his skin, in that case, relative to Jason's hard to shade with pencil. for the first drawings I just imagined the skin was black and didn't even try

Family pic Harris as Paragan wip colored copy

This is a bad representation of Harris made by coloring an inverted pencil sketch but it's the most generic picture I have right now of a Paragangian so I will use it to represent this page.

Then I tried. I tried inversions:
Arrow and paragangian

Then I tried sculpture.

I wanted to paint someone black and take a photo but I never convinced anyone to do it.


Jason and Harris at Kaar-Taal, drawn by Rebecca Blackwell

Jadis commish

Jason Scott-Harris and Harris Jenzar as Drawn by DDP, A friend from DeviantART

Then I started commissioning other people to draw Harris so I could look at how they did it. Which was very entertaining, and educational.

Then I tried some more.

I'm still trying to learn.

Catlike teeth. and grinning. Edit

Paragangians are supposed to have catlike teeth and they rarely grin, but Harris does, and at first Jason finds him terrifying.

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