I attended Orson Scott Card Writing Boot Camp in 2009.

Orson Scott Card is an LDS Science fiction and fantasy Author. He is not limited to those two styles but most known for those.

At the time I was writing my Nano Novel my visiting teachers visited.

Hearing I was writing a sci fi/fantasy story, one sister asked if I was familiar with Orson Scott Card, who was an LDS Author. I had never heard of him, and tried to remember his name to look him up and see what he wrote. I couldn't remember it.

Unconsciously though it was in there, and I later realized that my partial memory of the name lead to the naming of Jason Scott-Harris .

Summer of 2008 I took a class on YA and children's Sci Fi and fantasy lit. We read Enders Game, and I remembered his name and learned who he was. I became fascinated and in August 2010 I attended his writing boot camp in Buena Vista Virginia.

At that boot camp I wrote a story called Human Sacrifice which later evolved to become set in the same universe but at a later time. Other than being set in the same universe it has no significant connection at this time to the Destiny of Dreams story. Yet.