Motives for calling Jason to travel to D’zeron

Alexandreil’s motivesEdit

1) To rescue Lenn by proxy, even though he can’t personally return for Lenn

2) To escape from the burden of being Center of Paragangia by getting Jason[or Harris under his influence] to take that role. [hoping then to reconnect with Jonathan and Lenn] even if Jason is Jonathan’s son,Alex knows he has the ability to become Center, because Jonathan also has Paragan blood

3) To reconnect with Jonathan In any way possible.

4) To help Sen’tran

5) To rescue Rhonda from Thearon

Sen’tran’s motives:Edit

1) To get Harris and Jason to become Center and remove the burden from Alex.

2) reveal the truth of Desmond's death So Jonathan can return and be healed.

3) To reestablish friendly relations with the ancients [to eventually bring Paragangia back home…his prophetic destiny] "go home"

4) To finish his work and pass on the keys of his kingdom so he can die. [that includes getting rid of Thearon]

Jonathan’s motives:Edit

1) To reunite with Alex and relieve him of the burden and return to Paragangia, be healed

2) To atone for the death of Desmond as much as possible.

3) To resume trying to protect the world from Thearon Rhoisoh

4) To get news of D’zeron and his son there

5) To let Jason see D’zeron, and meet his half brother there

6) To help Jason find the butterfly girl, or whatever she represented in the prophetic dream of his childhood. [His destiny of dreams]

7) To let Jason choose or reject his destiny as Desmond’s son

8) To in some sense give Desmond back his son.

Jason’s motives for going:Edit

To help Jonathan by possibly earning Paragangian healing for him{Alexander promises he’ll still be alive when Jason returns]

to help Jonathan by reconnecting with Tersh

to meet his only sibling

to follow the butterfly girl dream and see where it leads him

to experience D’zeron dreaming.

to experience D’zeron low-tech life style

to see in reality the place he’s seen in shared dreams

He’s getting bored with teaching.

To take Jonathan’s mind off his suffering by sharing this adventure with him.

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