Started in January 2013. the current plan is to write the book as three Nano novel type books over the next few months,

book one-Matthias and SammyEdit

in this part, we will get to know Matthias, 24, and his little brother Sammy, 11 who live in a bad neighborhood in a large city in Michigan.

Matthias is a father figure for Sammy, and the two brothers spend alot of time reading watching and/or playing fantasy stories.the live in a matriarchal household with their mother and two adult sisters and children from all three mothers and a few stray childrean also. Matthias is the only adult male and basically the head of household.

Matthias starts having strange dreams, begains to study dreams and decides he wants to go To the ALien studies program at KSU and study dreaming with Jason Scott-Harris and Jonathan Landon. 

 see also NaNo 2015 Sammy and Matthias 

book two--Jason and MatthiasEdit

starts when Matthias arrives in Manhattan and  continues through the time when he begans as Jason's teaching assistant.

Book three-- Matthias and TazEdit

starts when Taz first comes to talk to Matthias as Jason's assistant and their relationship becomes personal .Priaor to this time, she was the mother of his best freind SHeila[who is 5] at the daycare center where he works while trying to get admitted to grad school, and she is a woman he stalks and tries to proteck whi reminds him of his siter Chrstina. and she smells good.

book three ends with their marriage.

Theoretical book fourEdit

in which the black skinned baby of Taz and Matthias is born and Taz and Matthias's Mother both become LDS [Matthias does not jump on the bandwagon right away, but he will in due time]

after the three parts listed above, which I intend to write seperately but to publish as one volume, this story will overlap with Destiny of Dreams when Jason returns and so the fouth book of the Matthias sereis will be also a book of the Destiny of dreams sereis, the one in which Jason is baptized and Hope Scott-Harris is born, [Matthas and Taz become close freinds with Jason's mother GLoria while Jason is away in D'zeron]

i'm not sure how the timing will work out, though, so this might instead overlap the last book of the main series of Destiny of Dreams in which EMily Scott-Harris is born, because I think the son of Taz and Matthias should be conceived arround the same time as Emily. 

Matthias and Taz will also certainly appear in the third book of Destiny of dreams when Jason goes home to visit his parents and introduce his wife Serai to them, with Chathalen and Harris. 

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