D'neira is Matriarch Of D'zeron in Jason's time.

The civic leadership position of D'zeron. The person who leads the village and mediatates between the village of D'zeron and the Earth Alliance.

Though the name implies age or generational seniority, she is not always old or senior. D'neira became Dream Keeper and Matriarch at age 14 so her mother could retire from that role to raise Tersh.

The Matriarch is also the Dream Keeper of D'zeron although this is considered to be an entirely seperate role. THe husband of the Dream Keeper is considered patriarch even if he is not a Dream Keeper, and shares in the leadership duties of the village. There have been no Patriarchs in several generations, however, at the time of Jonathan Landon , who would not have been considered Patriarch because Sh'hara gave up her position as Dream Keeper and Matriarch when she married him. Jason would have been Patriarch .