FIrst created as an old Mexican woman in the GIft of Time stories who was a Neighbor and freind to Carston Hawthorn. She encourages him to practice drawing and to write on paper rather than on computers. 

She is later determined to be the foster mother of Jonathan Landon, and thus a close freind of Sen'tran Jenzar after that point. 

She is LDS

in HIstory of Paragangia, GLoria Scott had developed a close freindship with Her while painting a mural, and occasionally seeks her out for advice. Jason later stays with her on his feild study at earh station Mexico

the name was inspired by the name of a woman who worked at Pro tel telemarketing when I worked there in the early 1990's.

the Name Marisyl comes from the same source, Jason might have been thinking of her when he gave this name to the dragon ferret.

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