I attended Manhattan High School for my 10th grade year before I went on Sabbatical in Germany with my parents and then Dropped out to take a GED and start college at KSU.

Manhattan High school was at that time I started this story the only high school I had any experience with, so that Is why I set Emily's story in Manhattan.

as it happens, though, the school is across a stone fence from an old and interesting graveyard, and borders on the tother side Sunset Zoo, and it has an interior courtyard that's like a little park, making it a relatively interesting setting for a story, as high schools go.

Next time I need to set a story in a high school, I'll probably use Rock Creek. Sunshine and Avenger, in my unrelated story, went to TOpeka High, which looks like a castle, but I have never been inside it.


I should go take some photos of the school and the graveyard as it is now.