on the beach at Kaar-Taal Jason Rescues Marrisyl from a wildcat kitten who is trying to eat her. It scratches him in the process and he later gets sick because of the infections of these scratches.

He feels sorry for Kitten and catches fish for him. Therefor it follows them as they travel to D'zeron . the kitten is also giving some of the fish to his dying mother, who is also following them. the last night of the journey when Jason is very sick from the infection, the mother cat attacks them and Jason kills her. she scratches his face, giving him 3 scars. Two he would have for the rest of his life, and one is healed by Sen'tran after it is reopened by Thearon .

They then take the Kitten to the village to avoid angering the wildcats, who are dangerous and intelligent dreaming creatures.

Kitten Helps jason recover from his infection by licking his wounds, thus giving him antibodies to fight the infection. Jason recovers and Jason and Serai keep Kitten for awhile and then he goes to live with Tersh. Kitten does not get along with Serai's other animals, especially the angora possums , Djinn and Whiffle .