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Aliens arriving 2009/2011Edit


nov 27 2009 edited slightly.

[needs to be put much more deeply into Harris’s POV: add feelings and thoughts ]

[if this is Harris Pov he needs a translator from the beginning, or it needs to be Pov of someone who speaks the D’zeron language}

it might be nice to put some of this scene into Serai’s pov? like, here thoughts on receiving the news from Perry,etc.

Arriving at the village. They would arrive on the river by boat, a crowd would have formed, children at the front of it, probably climbing in the trees to get a better Veiw. Perry arrived before the boat and announced their arrival, and called forth the hunters to help handle the remains of the wildcat. 

[Harris’s experience, getting out of the boat while holding Jason,his fears for Jason, wanting to call his father for help, thoughts of Jason returning to Paragangia with him, etc]also a love and facination for these people and their way of life which increases and bilds on his love and facination for Jason, and a longing for Jason to experience this, to watch Jason experience it, to share it with him]

Harris, carrying Jason in his arms and Chathalen would be hurrying to the temple, fighting back the currious crowds. Chathalen would  be translating and yelling at the crowds at the same time. D’neira would come forward to greet Harris first, and to offer help with Medical care. She would also translate, give directions to Chathalen and yell at the crowds.  

as they neared the temple,, Hunters carry the cat, in celebration and victory. A crowd has gathered with much excitement, and form a procession with the Hunters carrying the cat following closely behind Jason and Harris. 

{if Harris knows abot dreamstone,seeing the temple and it high dreamstone towers might also give him conflicting feelings about that part of the project]

“Chathalen” one of the hunters asked “who will skin the creature, and honor her remains?” 

“His brother Harris will” suggests D’neira 

“the leader of the hunters Zenthor’n demands that a ritual be performed to honor the remains of this wildcat. D’neira suggests that you must perform the ritual because Jason cannot and you are his nearest kinsmans.’

“What is the ritual?”

“It involves skinning the wildcat, preserving the skin and burning some other parts of the remains.”

Harris stared back, incredulous. “You know I can’t. I won’t. I’m sorry. No.” Marrisyl scolded Chathalen, glaring from her perch on Harris’s head protectively, ”Tersh is  Jason’s brother also. Why can’t he do it?”  

“Tersh and will not comply with your custom.”

“Chathalen could do it.” Perry suggested “if the alien boy is Tersh’s kin” 

“No” declared D’neira. “the life of this man is worth more than a ritual for the dead. I need Chathalen to help with the healing if there is any hope for this man to live.” 

 D’neira spoke roughly to the hunter, and he replied, adamant. {make up the D’zeron language? how close to English should it be?

“Zenathor insists that Jason must choose for himself” Chathalen explained “the ritual confers great status, and will create a kinship bond with the one he chooses, for he will share the honor.”

 “It doesn’t matter.” said Harris “Jason doesn’t know any of you, unless there’s a butterfly girl. You know these people. You choose someone who can do it.”

Zenathor stood unmoving before them like a small monolith blocking the way to the temple. “It is his honor, for only him to give. He has to choose for himself.” Chathalen translated. the hunter drew closer, his scared face as expressionless as his voice, speaking words that Harris couldn’t understand. the hunter gestured towards Jason, and Jason stirred.


      As Jason emerged from darkness, the voices crowded around, tumultuous, excited, celebrating in the language of D’zeron, D’zeron hunters. I am in D’zeron!

Jason tried to sit up, or turn over, to see D’zeron. He cried out in pain but a quiet moan escaped into the chaotic D’zeron air. Harris was carrying him. He tried to open his eyes, fighting the glare of the sun and his own exhaustion. His face hurt, and he couldn’t see clearly, but above the gathered crowd grey towers rose unmistakably into the orange sky. The temple. His mind swirled dizzily with blurred memories, distorted images.…. Harris was carrying him towards the temple. Why? A thin middle-aged woman in a heavily embroidered robe walked beside him. D’neira? He had seen her in a dream. Chathalen stood beside her, looking very much like Lenn of the Ancient forest. 

           Then an old man, his long grey hair tightly braided, move closer, demanding something of Jason in the language of D’zeron. His face was scared. A hunter.

          Someone was missing….where was she?  “Butterfly girl?” He mumbled. Harris laughed. D’neira and Chathalen exchanged puzzled glances. The hunter spoke again. Jason couldn’t quite make out the words; he seemed to be asking for something. He doesn’t understand English. Jason tried his best to focused on the hunter, a small but muscular man with a long grey braids and many scars. The hunter said. “Who do you choose, Alien boy?”

          Jason’s muddled mind struggled to translate the words of his own thoughts and the hunter’s question, to somehow negotiate both of them at once. Meeting the hunter’s eyes, he stated the D’zeron word for butterfly, then sunk back into oblivion. 


        “Serai!” Said Jason quite distinctly before he lost conciousness.  

        Chathalen and D’neira stared at each other as the word was repeated, echoing wavelike through the gathered crowd and the crowd parted, opening an isle for a young woman to pass through. She looked like a floating fairy-creature dressed in rainbow-colored silk which rippled around her as she walked and she was surrounded  by a flock of butterflies. 

Harris turned to Chathalen “You have a Butterfly girl?”

 “She’s not mine.”  Chathalen explained emphatically  “She’s the weaver. The butterflies follow her because she takes care of them. Her name is Serai. It means Butterfly.” 

Harris gave Serai his best wildcat grin. “Jason had a dream of meeting a butterfly girl in D’zeron.” 

“Jason” she stared reverently at the pale unconscious man in Harris’s arms, “Than I am your dream come true, Jason.” She touched his face and hair. “He’s beautiful,” she said, in perfect English, taking hold of his hand “He looks like he was carved of ivory.” 

The hunter spoke to Serai, and Harris didn’t understand the words, but she looked startled at first, then pleased. 

        She glanced at the dead wildcat, then back at Jason. She looked up at Harris, sspicioously. “Has he really chosen me?” she asked. 

       “Zenathor believes  Jason has chosen Serai to honor the remains of his wildcat.” Chathalen explained

       “Good” replied Harris gratefully “So you will do his ritual?”

        She smiled, gazing down at Jason

       “It is a kinship bond.” Chathalen continued “They are both of age, unmarried, and unrelated. If she does this, it is a marriage contract.”

       The hunter spoke loudly to the crowd and they react exuberantly, dancing chanting, singing, and shouting. 

       “Has he chosen me to be his wife?” she looked hopefully up at Harris, holding Jason’s hand. 

       Harris laughed “No. We talked about it recently. Jason made very clear that he isn’t interested in looking for a wife yet. He didn’t know your name. He never even saw you. I think he realized he was in D’zeron and just remembered the butterfly girl from his dream. He didn’t believe there was a real a butterfly girl. He was unconscious again before you arrived. ”

          “He is the brother of Tersh?” Serai asked Harris, gazing up into his eyes, and caressing his arm[make this more experiantial pov HAr.} 

          “Yes, he is.”

          “Tersh is a prophet?” She pleaded, snuggling up to Harris, seductively[make that more his pov how would she do this while he is holding Jason]. “Dreams are real?” she appealed to Chathalen. How did she move between the two of them, how does D’neira show her annoyance?]

She is a butterfly girl, and she  wants him. Harris regarded her warmly, nodding. Perhaps he would chose her.

      Chathalen was speaking quickly, urgently to the hunter in their own language, trying to explain that Jason has not really chosen, but Zenathor brushed him off, calling for volunteers to help with the ceremony. Many excitedly volunteer, calling for Serai to lead them.

         D’neira pulled her away from hathalen, speeking Harshly to her at first, scolding, though Harris didn’t know the words, then switched to English, to include Harris. “Serai, you know the cat must be honored. You know he has not chosen, but the hunters believe you have been chosen. They will allow you to lead the ceremony, and they will be satisfied. for the moment, it is expedient to allow them to believe. Will you honor this wildcat, Serai? Most likely he will not live anyhow, and the Marriage will be annulled. If he wakes and you do not want him, or if he does not want you, he will not be held to the promise he hasn’t really made. I am not giving you a husband he is not mine to give but I will see that the honor is not taken from you in any case.”

 Serai smiled [how? how would Harris interpret her expression] “You know I care nothing for the honor, D’neira, but he will live. I will see that he lives. And he will want me, I will see to that also.” She kissed Jason, hugging him and Harris both together, then hugged D’neira, thanking her tearfully and was gone shouting orders to the hunters who followed her, to take care of the honoring of the dead wildcat. the crowd followed Serai, leaving Harris D’Neira and Jason were left mercifully alone. 

arrival from graphic novel sciptEdit

chapter 6 arriving in D’zeron [serai]

they arrive and are greeted by hunters. the hunters bring the wildcat up from the boat to the village. harris carried Jason . aubyn walks beside them. at the village the hunter leader, says he has to do the cerimony for the wildcat. 

chathalen says. he obviously can’t make someone else. 

no, it’s important. if not him his closest kin. 

looks at harris. me? no way I can’t I don’t know what you are talking about and I have to take care of Jason. 

aubyn says that’s right listen to him. 

jason wakes halfway, sees the tempole. D’zeron? he mumbles? he looks at the hunter, and asks where is the butter fly girl? in english. the hunter looks confused. jason translates Serai? 

the hunter says. He has chosen his kinswoman serai to perform the cerimony. 

SErai! he yells. an young woman followed by a cloud of butterflies makes her way through the croud to him. 

[she was rude, thinks aubyn, she jsut pushed me away]

she looks at Jason  “he’s beautiful she shays. he ‘looks like he’s carved of ivory. 

she looks up at chathalen  “has he really chosen me? 

chathalen gives her a dont be an idiot look saying of course not he doesn’t even know you. 

why Her? says AUbyn?   

harrris tells her about jason’s vbutterfly girl dreams, and why he said her name. 

she says. wel somebody has to take care of the ceruimpony and the hunters want me to I might as well. 

chath says, ok, youre right but that doesn’t mean he’s your husband. he might not even live, and if he does you have to wait and see if he hcooses you. understand. 

he wil live and he will choose me, i;’m sure of it. 

she goes to do the ceremony, and they take him to the temple and clean him up and put him to bed. harris holds him. 

they try to get him to drink so he won’t dehydrate. he’s very unconsccious. 

serai storms in “this cat was a mother. where is the kitten?

oh no, we forgoit the kitten, it’s on the boat, it’s probably hungry. 

you left it on the boat? how could you? 

aubyn and perry get the kitten. 

they go to the boat. perry find the bag, aubyn opens it the kitten snuggles up to her and meows pittifully. 

aubyn says  here’s the kitten. ok kitten, lets find you some food now. 

marrysill chaters at the kitten and the kitten hisses back at her. 

hey no hissing kitten. aubyn says. 

goes back to tell Serai that they have the kitten while Perry catches some fish for the kitten. 

she--serai-- takes Marrysil and send them home for the night. aubyn goes to Serais to take care of animals while Serai is at the temple. 

serai goes to the temple

[skkipped aubyn parts]

meanshile at the temple, Serai takes Marrysil to Chathalen, and he splints and bandages her wing, and says she will perhaps be able to fly again in about 6 days. 

Harris is sitting on the bed holding Jason, they ahve been trying to get him to drink water so he won’t dehydrate. he’s not cooperating. Serai tries, he still doen’t cooperate. she asks if she can dream with Jason and tell him in the dream to drink. CHathalen says no because they are not matrried and it wouldbe in appropriate, so she asks Harris, as Jason’s brother to dream with him and tell him to drink the water. harris also is jsut tired and needs sleep so he does this, and Jason drinks water and Harris gets a good night sleep. 

in the morning, Jason is feverish and still unconscious, AUbyn brings the kitten and while  chathalalyn is checking Jason’s wounds.  

chathalyn says, I don’t know if he’s going to live Serai, his wounds are very much infected. 

Serai says, the mother cat was very sick, she was dying, so she could have infexcted him

no, it’s too soon. he was sick before she scrached him. this illness came from the kitten not from the mother. 

as if he knew they were speaking of him, kitten jumped up on Jason and started licking his face. Harris grbs the kitten NO, don’t do that. 

chathalen says, no wait. letting the kitten lick him may help him heal. the kitten isn’t sick so the kitten might have developed anti-bodies to this disease, and his cat spit might transfer them to Jason. 

Harris puts the kitten back.  ok. 

aubyn says. this is good how? 

chathalen explains. when cats are hurt they lick their wounds, because there are chemicals in the spiit that helps heal. it’s worth a try, isn’t it? anyone have any better ideas? 

serai says, you could let me dream with him? 

everyone else says no, in unison. 

ok, I’ll bring him smoothies at lunch time, and we’ll see if we can get him to drink something more nourishing than water. 

good Idea serai, says Chathalen. 

serai and AUbyn leave for class. 

she’s a crazy woman says Harris. 

yeah, sort of I guess, says CHahtalen. do you think your brother will agree to marry her if he lives? 

Harris laughs. probably not right away we were jsut talking about marriage and he says he’s not ready for that. but since she is a butterfly girl, and he did say he wants to find one of those in D’zeron, she might stand a chance. 

Serai can be very persuasive says Chathalen. 

harris Chath and Serai take care of Jas and kitten night 1Edit

74x serai pov Jason arriving and the ritual

***add here a Chapter from Serai perspective about her perception of meeting him, leading the ritual, the ritual itself. discovering that the Animal was a mother, seeking the kitten, realizing the mother is infected, introduce Perry here, Helping with the ceremony. Serai decides to preserve the skin in spite of the infection, being very careful because of this, and cremates all the rest of the cat’s remains. *****


Harris carries Jason to the temple. They bathe him in cold water to try to bring down his fever, bandage his wounds, try to get him to drink, and put him to bed. they lay him on the bed, and use water to cool his fever. they might have some asprin type herbal meds to reduce fever also and some sort of anti-biotic plants. They would try to get him to drink these, and bathe the wounds with them, Harris would hold him. (Harris’s reactions, as a Paragangian to these medical practices. he has never been around illness much but he know a lot about physiology)

      • this bit told from Harris’s perspective****

         Chathalen, with Harris’s assistance, had gotten all Jason’s wounds treated, and bandaged, and gotten him all cleaned up, and Harris is sitting on the bed cradling Jason in his arms.

       “He’s very pale, and very still. He isn’t dying, is he?” Harris asked

       “He lost a lot of blood, he had a head injury where he fell and hit his head, and the fever still burns him. Here” Chathalen hands him a cloth with cold water. “This will help keep the fever down. He’s done well to survive even this long. You have done well to keep him alive.”

        “But he will live?”

        “He may. It won’t be easy.”

        “Call my dad, Chathalen. Our Ship Community will come get him. We will heal him.”

        “Law forbids.”

        “Life is worth more than law.”

        “Death is part of life. In Paragangia, you have the technology to heal anything, and yet you still die. Who chooses when you die in Paragangia? 

        “We choose for ourselves.”

        “He’s not dead. He hasn’t chosen yet.”

        “You say his chances here are not good. In Paragangia we can make him live.”

        “His chances are his to take. What if dying is his choice, Harris? To die in D’zeron having fulfilled his destiny, which is to come here.”

       “No Chathalen. His destiny isn’t done.”

       “Than you will help him choose to live.”

Serai rushed in after a short time, bloodspattered and out of breath, dressed in work clothes, insisting. “Chathalen! this cat was a mother. What happened to the baby,?, did you not find the kitten?” 

Harris and Chathalen exchange glances.

“We captured it, confined it and put it in the boat. If the hunters did not bring it, it will be still in the boat”

“confined? in the boat? you left the poor baby who just lost it’s mother tied up alone in a boat? how cruel you are!”

She rushed away in haste to rescue the kitten. ***some reaction from Chathalen here

She unties the kitten, and is very angry at the men for restraining it. it’s terrified and sees her as it’s saviour and bonds with her. (she is very good with animals)

older version of belowsection:

after this is done, she gets cleaned up and dressed up and goes to meet him. he awakens still slightly delirious and confused in the temple. He thinks he is dreaming, some sort of dream he has never come across before. he does not remember killing the animal. She stays at the temple and sleeps beside him, holding him that night.(Harris would also stay there, and they would get to know eachother, she would explain D’zeron customes, and he would tell her as much as he knows about Jason)

his wounds become infected so he never fully regains conciousness for several days, during which time hw has become a village hero, the village is anxiously awaiting his marriage to Serai, and Harris has been getting to know the people of D’zeron and become sort of a hero as well. he is staying with Chathalen at the temple (Tersh is still sunning Chathalen, so they don’t have much contact with him). nothing is mentioned of the purpose of their visit.

                        • ****************

several hours later she returned, clean and beautifully dressed, cradling the kitten in her arms, feeling it milk from her sheep or alpaca or whatever (fur animals) Harris is sitting on the bed, holding Jason in his arms. Serai has also brought milk and other liquid food for Jason, in case he never wakes up enough for solid food, and food for Harris and Chathalen. 

Serai brings liquid food and water to cool his fever [there is running water of sorts in the temple] and various other herbs and plants and such. She also brings food for Harris and Chathalen. at first, all they feed Jason is a sort of herbal tea/fruit juice mix which is intended to re-hydrate him and keep his fever down. Serai helps Harris make him drink it. 

Serai sits beside him, holding the kitten, and looks at Jason. Marrisyl and Kitten chatter and hiss at eachother, and Serai withdraws, settling the kitten in another room and returning to sit with Harris and Jason. 

Chathalen is there when she returns, and introduces her to them, as she has not yet even learned the names of Harris and Jason [Harris told her Jason’s first name but not explained his full name]. 

Serai shows Chathalen the kitten, and they discuss the condition of mother and kitten, and realize that Jason probably has the same disease the mother was suffering, because the kitten is a carrier. Thus the kitten might be considered a danger to the village, if it scratched anyone else, and kept carefully away from everyone except people who had the disease.There might be some discussion of killing the kitten to protect the village. Harris would be very distressed by this and say that he trusts the kitten, the kitten is a friend, becase they have been taking care of him, traveling with him, so for the time the decide to quarantine the kitten at the temple with Jason. this might be consulted in dreams with the cat people, by D’neira and or Chathalen. they discuss Jason’s chances of survival, which are not good. Harris is very worried. Serai is confident he will live against all odds.

“Thank you for helping with the wildcat Serai. Even if we cannot save Tersh’s brother, we have protected the village from this hazard.” said Chathalen.

“The honor is mine” 

he frowned “Serai, he doesn’t know anything about this. You know He hasn’t chosen you. His chances of survival are not good and there will be no honor to share,in the way you plan to share, unless he lives.”

“He will live! I will make him live.” 

Harris looked at her trustingly “Thank you Serai. Please, make him live.”

“Will he choose me if he lives, Harris?”

Harris smiled. “He was waiting for a butterfly girl. He’ll be happy to have found one. Give him time and let him choose for himself. But he might not be ready for marriage right away. He told me he wasn’t just a few days ago. He might have to get used to the idea.” 

Chathalen shook his head grimly. “If any one can make him live, surely the two of you can, but I warn you, his chances are not good.”

Serai looked searchingly at Jason. “Why’s he not old enough for marriage? He looks fully grown.” she caressed his cheek “He has a beard. D’zeron men are old enough for marriage long before they start growing beards.”

“no Serai, he’s old enough, he’s plenty old enough, he just doesn’t want to yet. it’s not the custom of his people.”

Serai look confused. “How do they have children if they don’t marry?”

Harris Laughed again. “they do get married. Just not as young as my people or your people. or sometimes  the women conceive a child an then raise the child alone. they have created ways to father children without physical intimacy [ack…figure out how he would explain this]

They discuss that he needs to be helped to drink water and medicine and liquid food to keep his strength up. 

They discuss what Serai will and will not be allowed to do in care of him. She wants to do everything, as she did for her husband, and brings this up in defense of her nursing skills. She offers to take him home to her house so she can spend more time caring for him. Chathalen makes sure she understands she is not his wife yet, and Harris agrees they shouldn’t rush him. 

then, because Harris is tired, Chathalen orders him to sleep, but Jason cries when Harris tries to lay him down alone. Serai asks to be allowed to lie next to him and hold him and comfort him while Harris rests. Chathalen makes sure she is not taking advantage of him, and only taking care of him. They would have him fairly undressed because they are trying to reduce the fever. but they also want him to hold still because of the head injury, so they are holding him still. in Serai’s arms, he relaxes and sleeps peacefully for awhile. 

several beif sections oldEdit


The second night they get the idea that Harris will share dreams with him, to help convince him to eat. Harris dreams with him that night. Even in dreams he is delirious, but this works, they are able to get him to eat. Harris also talks to him about Serai’s proposal, but doesn’t get a clear enough answer to feel it is ok for her to get intimate with him. Serai holds him that night again, but she is careful to respect his privacy. He expresses a desire to be with the butterfly girl, but Harris is not sure Jason knows the butterfly girl is a real woman. 


76 Serai wants Jason’s child after the second day. 


In the Morning after the second night [or evening after second day] she spends with Jason, while he is still very feverish ad not getting better, Serai asks that she be allowed to have sex with him insisting that if he’s dying anyhow, at least he might leave a child, and if he has a child, the child might help him want to live. and sex might also make him want to live. She talks about how trees produce an abundance of fruit when they are dying sometimes, so his sexual arousal even though he is close to death could indicate his desire not to die childless, and they should honor his wishes. Chathalen insists this would be wrong because he has not consented, even if in his delerium she is able to seduce him. Harris agrees with Serai at first, but in the end they all reluctantly agree with Chathalen. [D’neira would be involved in this choice] 


What Serai and Chathalen do while taking care of Jason dec 09.


normally sick people would be taken care of at home. But Jason has no home in D’zeron.

Tersh is still sulking about the meeting (I need to write about that)

Chathalen is currently living at the temple because his father has thrown him out, and also as part of his apprenticeship as dream keeper. The temple is used for hospital only when a person is contagious  or needs to be isolated from family (need rest and lives in a very crowded home, etc.) 

I need to create the temple, draw floor plans, figure out what rooms are in there, what stuff, what materials and technology, and all the ways it is used during this time.

Serai would of course try to get them to let Jason live with her while he is healing. they would not allow this because he has not agreed to marry her, and because her home is a busy place and they think he needs Isolation for both physical and emotional reasons. and because Harris and Chathalen both also help take care of him, and because they have better facilities for taking care of someone unconscious, although Serai would be set up for this because she took care of her mentor and her husband while they were dying. 

work and social life

Chathalen and Serai and D’neira are the Educators of their people.

They all have duties as teachers and record keepers and even while they are taking care of Jason they will need to take care of their other daily life activities, which I need to create. 

They also have many other people in the village that they know well and interact with often, people who they make demands on and people who make demands on them. Chathalen would tend to go to where people would to do medical care. so sewing up Jason’s face at the campground would be right. they would clean his wounds, stop the bleeding and have him stabilized before attempting to bring him home. they might even consider keeping him there rather than moving him. 

They would want to get him to the temple so he could rest, so they could get medicines perhaps which Chathalen did not bring with him, and to have him in a cool, quiet place to work on bringing the fever down. 

Giving Serai several students who spend days at her home and who work with her and help keep her farm going while she takes care of her husband is a start on that. Harris will also take over some of their duties while they are helping take care of Jason. 

I need to determine how dreaming skills are taught and when (it would have to be at night) and what skills are taught during the day and how. most people would learn through apprenticeship and most would tend to go into the family business unless they were not well suited to that work. Jason, upon realizing he is becoming a father and has never paid any attention to children suddenly becomes fascinated with children. 

The winter will come very suddenly. I did want him to be ill over the winter, and close to death, but I’m not sure how that works now. I’m not sure why he would have been ill. It still feels somehow right, though. Harris during that time will be carrying messages for Chathalen and Allissa, and falling in love with her, and getting very uncomfortable with the arrangement. 


**** I need to figure out how Harris and Chathalen are spending their time while Jason is unconscious.***** 

****I need to figure out exactly what Jason’s medical condition is,what sort of care he requires, ad how that care would be provided give the tech level of D’zeron

Jason would not require constant care, but Harris and Serai were giving him fairly constant care.  Serai would be gone a fair part of the day taking care of her own work, students, animals. She would spend maybe half the day with him, plus the night. Harris would spend the other half the day with him, and part of the time they would both be there. During the night, Serai would stay with him. She would have more free time then because that is when she normally sleeps. she old have to enter the temple before the rising of Aisis, or else the temple doors would be kept open on the nights when she was helping with him. 

She would wake him often to feed him. She would sleep, but would have her self trained to wake periodically, having done this for baby animals and such and to care for other sick people.She would feed him liquid food and make him drink it because it would be much easier to get an unconscious man to drink than to eat, and she is very skilled at this. Chathalen teaches children and studies during part of his day when he’s not helping with medical care, so Harris might take over some of the teaching. Kids love Harris. they would spend a lot of time exchanging information with eachother. Harris might also be working with Chathalen to help learn how to overcome the barrier against Allissa. 

Jason would be somewhat delirious even in his dreams, when Harris dreams with him. but maybe a bit more lucid in dreams, so they would maybe go visit him in dreams and help Serai convince him to eat. he wild not be lucid when Serai wakes him to feed him, but she would try to talk with him, and he would not remember her from one time to the next. Harris could dream with him from anywhere, so If Chathalen and Harris slept in Chathalen’s part of the temple, Harris could dream with Jason through his dream bond, and share the dream with Chathalen, though Chathalen might not be able to dream with Jason that way. Chathalen would have other dream plane duties, as a dream keeper, and they would both need private dreams, so they would do this only once per night, when they first went to bed, briefly. or they might only do it now and then. they would also be working on understanding the barrier. Since Allissa is avoiding the regular dream plane, only entering the wind to share with Tersh, they would not run into her. 

[*to write this part I need a complet understanding of dream worlds, or D’zeron tech and culture, of the temple, and of Jason’s illness]

His care would be fairly complicated, so I might need a few chapters to express it.  

After that Serai would sleep with him, try to get him to eat again if he awakened at all, but she agreed to not steal any intimacy in any form physical or dreaming until he was fully conscious and lucid and knew her. He would reach for her in Dreams sometime and she would not join him, except maybe to tell him to awaken enough to eat. Harris would tell her about dreams Jason had while sleeping beside Serai which might include her, and she would be especially interested in any which involved marriage or sex. 

******* I need to figure out how Tersh feel about them. He has had visions of Chathalen’s death in Paragangia, so he might be somewhat hostile towards them because if this, yet he also knows Harris will become his son and marry Allissa *********

******I need to figure out what the role of dream stone is in this version …it does tie together the pillars the well and the temple, and in some way the Ancients. Need to figure out the details of Jason’s assignment from Alexandreil.

*****I need to figure out more clearly the floor plan and decore of the D’zeron temple.


Kitten licking treatment etcEdit

from 8-10-09 copied nov 09 pre-fall 2009 misc

after  arriving in D’zeron, I think Jason would be fully unconcous for 3 days. He arrives In the morning. lets call it Monday. He would not awaken at all Monday after arriving, Tuesday, or Wednesday. 


he kills tha  wildcat.

Harris cleans the wounds.

Chathalen arrives and sews up his face to slow the bleeding. [need to details, need to know more about healing …wold they sew him n the field or take him back first?]

Harris holds him while Chathalen captures the kitten. [Perry helps]

they put him into the boat, and the captured kitten, and the remains of the mother, and they travel back to D’zeron. 

they are met by hunters [and D’neira and the rest of the village] who carry the remains of the wildcat to the temple. Harris carries Jason. 

as they arrive in the square in front of the temple, the question about the remains arrizes, Jason Names Serai, she comes and sees him, wants him, agrees to help with the cat, they take him to the temple, clean him up, bandage his wounds

Serai figures out there must be a kitten, {perry would mention it?] asks Chathalen, goes and gets the kitten. Chews out Chathalen for leaving it in the boat. [when serai goes to the temple to do this she will have changed clothes, so something more practical and washable for slaughtering wildcats etc, and she might be slightly bood-spatered. pov Harris]

It would be evening by this time. Serai cleans up, gets food and milk for the kitten, and comes to the temple with the kitten to help take care of Jason. by that time he has been cleaned up and rebandaged, stiched as needed. and Harris is sitting on the bed holding him like a child.  Chathalen and Serai discuss the cat and the kitten and their state of health, that she was dying, that he therefor might have the disease she had, and when it took effect in a few days it might make him sicker. [possible discussion with Harris of the person who is currently drying of the disease, and the damaged one who survived it]

they assume the infection from the older wounds was the cause of the fever, and are not sure which of his symptoms are due to infection, to blood loss and to head trauma. they will have to wait ad see.

Harris explains that the kitten is the same kitten that made the infected scratches, that it has been following them since they met on the beach and they have been leaving out food for it.  they examine the kitten and it seems healthy, other than being starved. they talk about the need to get Jason to drink, to replace fluid lost due to fever and blood loss.  They make plans for doing this. 

Harris is very tired, and Chathalen insists that he sleep, and reassures him that Serai and Chathalen will take good care of Jason. Serai will lay with him on the bed, and hold and comfort him, and Chathalen will check on him frequently during the night. but they will explain to Harris that Serai took care of her husband so she knows how to do this. Harris having a dream bond with Jason agrees will better be able to comfort him from the dream plane, and Chathalen agrees to go with him, to help him with that. They will use the dream world to encourage him to drink. at this point it would be just broth or something (electrolight type stuff) 

[D’neira would perhaps be more involved in the healing than I have so far shown]


They would discuss that the disease is likely to kill him, that his fever and Delirium will increase, and that Serai wants them to let her make love with him, in case he dies so he will be her husband if he dies.[this discussion would happen the first night, ad D’neira would the forbid her from any intimate care or affectionate contact of Jason] They agree this is not a good Idea, because he can’t give ligitimate consent, and they agree that she will be allowed to hold him and feed him but not more intimate tasks. 

In the morning when they awaken, the kitten is snuggled up with Jason, and it starts licking his face, where there are small cuts which are not bandaged. [this will not happen for several days in current version] they realize the kitten has immunity, and the kitten has been licking his wounds, and the wounds he has licked are not getting infected, but the other new wounds are. 

Chathalen tells the story about seeing the dragon and falling from the tree, and Allissa licking his face so he wouldn’t have a scar, and the one on his face didn’t scar, but the other did. [this story is in the folder called “from start complete version” file called “….Chathalen meets Jayden”

and they realize maybe the kitten could help him, so they unbandage him and let the Kitten lick all of his wounds. Serai goes home to take care of her animals D’neira comes and meets Harris and looks at Jason and approves their plans to care for him, and agrees to take over some of Chathalen’s Duties while he helps care for Jason. He show Harris the temple library but Harris can’t read. Harris decides that he will learn to read. Harris holds Jason during the day that day, Jason is feverish and they bathe him to reduce the fever and such. maybe it is after that that they realize the kitten’s licking reduces the infection. so they have the kitten lick him. in the afternoon they bathe him again and have kitten lick him again and by evening his fever is down enough they decide it will be safe for him to sleep that night with just Serai to take care of him, they again use Harris on the dream plane and Serai to help him drink. 

Wednesday the fever is up again, and the guys bathe him to reduce the fever in the day and they have the kitten lick him again, he is again better in the evening, sleeps peacefully with Serai. 

Thursday the fever is better, low enough not to harm him in and of itself, and the infection is improving. he rests that day, and sleeps through the night with Serai. Friday he wakes briefly.

 XXXXX 78 Kitten licking treatment 

from Chathalens pov?

on the 6th day, when Chathalen comes to check on him, he seems much worse. Serai is holding him in her arms and the kitten is licking his face when Chathalen arrives, She’s desperately worried, he seems barely alive and he won’t eat. she begs Chathalen to let her dream with him, to let her call him back to life.

“even the kitten is worried, Chathalen. even the kitten is trying to take care of him.”

 Suddenly seeing the kitten licking Jason’s face, Chathalen remembers the scar he doesn’t have on his own face, and realizes the kitten has antibodies against the disease. 

*** ************** 

Serai, remember when Allissa and me feel out of the tree? 

your face was scraped up pretty bad. 

“yeah, it was. but it didn’t leave a scar. it healed really good.” 

“that’s too bad. You could have had an honor scar.”

Harris asks what they are talking about and Chathalen tells the story.

he was out climbing trees near the river with Allissa, she was 5 and he was 10 and a dragon flew over and she was so excited she stepped on a dead branch, and he tried to catch her, and they both fell, and the branch scraped up his tummy and his face was also scrapped up, and she licked his face to clan out the wound, and it healed very cleanly so it didn’t infect or scar.

“SO if we let the kitten lick Jason it could help it heal.”

“it’s too late for that,” objected Serai “the infection has spread through his body. he’s already infected.

“But the kitten has healed from the same disease. maybe he can transfer his healing through the wounds *fingure out how d’zerons conceptialize healing. Harris knows about physiology, so he would explain about anti-bodies, maybe?”

*. cats lick their wounds and they heal. It can’t hurt. the cat is trying to lick him already. it might be trying to heal him, or just trying to comfort him, but either way, we’ve done all in our power to bring him back already. Why not let the kitten try, too? 

Chathalen unbandages the wounds and lets the cat lick him. That day he sleeps peacefully in Serai’s arms, and she holds him, and is grateful for the little time she had with him, and loves him even more thinking she might lose him. 

summarize this part*****

6th day, when she awakens, his fever is up again, and they consider this a good sign because his body is fighting again, as if he wants to live. they spend the next few days trying to get the fever under control. and they encourage the cat to lick the wounds, which began to heal better from that point. 

on the ninth day the fever is down and he is quietly unconscious again. they still struggle to get him to eat and drink, and Chathalen agrees that Harris will dream with him and convince him to let Serai feed him. this works. they are able to get him to eat and drink enough to keep him alive. 

he remains in this condition for several days. Chathalen thinks he will stay unconscious for another week, healing internally, but if they are able to keep him eating and drinking he will be ok when he awakens.

(pick up here with the chapter about his awakening)

while JAson is unconscious from graphic novel script notesEdit

meanwhile back at the temple, sserai takes the smoothies she made to the temple, jason is still asleep. they try to get him to drink smoothies cause he can’t eat while he’s asleep. they have harris sleep and get him to drrink in the dream world. 

Serai asks harris to ask jason if he will marry her. Chathalen says no, Harris is not the waever, it’s not his job to arrange marriages. 

serai says but I make ahoim a assistant weaver so he can? chathalen says no. you ahve to do all that in person when hee’s awake. 

but what if he never wakes up? 

well, I say we jsut make sure he does wake up ok? not like it does you any good to marry him if he’s dead right? can’t you jsut be a little patient? 

no. you said if we were matrried you’d let me dream with him like Harris does. I could get him well faster if you let me dream with him. 

NO. says chathalen. you can help him eat smoothies and that’s all. 

so they feed him smotthies and Harris dreams with him. only Harris.

Harris says Serai brought you smoothies made out of milk and fruit and things to help you get better. you should drink it. it will help you get better. 

jasonsays no I don’t want to. i’m not hungry I jsut want to sleep. 

harris says you ahve to eat, CHathalen says you are not getting bettter even with the at licking you, and if you don’t eat you might not have enough strength to heal. maybe I don’t want to heal. 

and Harris says oh c’mon jason, the butterfly girl is waiting for you to wake up so she can ask you to marry her. you wouldn’t want to disapoint her after dreaming about her all these years would you? 

jason says. ok you’re right I always wanted to meet the butterfly girl. he drinks the smoothie, and then asks Harris, is there really a butterfly girl? and Harris tells him sure there is, Jason her name is serai and she’s a weaver so the butterflies follow her because she raises catterpillers for their threds. and she thinks you’re gonna marry her when you wake up, but Chathalen says you don’t have to. 

that’s good Harris cause I’m too young to get married. 

Ok Jason, I’ll tell her you told me that, ok. ok. now go away i’m tired I want to rest. 

harris wakes up and tells Serai about what Jason said, and serai says that’s ok, when he meets me he’ll change his mind. Then serai goes home because Chathalen will not let her stay in the temple all night. 

when she walks in the door she sis suprized to see 4 rabbits chassing eachother arround the floor. and she says. I wasn’t expecting 4 rabbits. and they look jsut like the does, I can hardly tell who is who. I wonder if they found a good mate for link, also. 

the next morning, Aubyn comes over early to show her the two rabbits, link and the DOe. 

cute, well matched said serai. you are the bunny weaver. what are you going to call her? 

I ahven’t fingured othat one out says aubyn. 

I don’t know why, but I think the name Zelda would be cute. what do you think? 

aubyn says that’s a perfect name for her. 

and Serai asks her to stay and get the students started so Serai can take more smoothies to Jason. and the cat.  

 aubyn asks how he’s doing, and serai says

Chathalen says he hasn’t gotten any better, but I still think he’ll be ok soon.

serai also says. he might wake up in the Next day or so. I think. 

what does Chathalen think. 

He says it might be a week or so, and he might not wake up at all, and if he does he might not even really get well because the virus might have damaged his brain. 

AUbyn says. I hope you’re right serai. WHen perry comes by I’ll tell him to get you for fruit. 

good says serai, tell him also thanks for bringing the rabbits. you two did a great job. 

so the two male bunnies are right for you? 

yess, they seem to be getting along quite nicely, I think we will have kitts very soon. 

Yay says AUbyn. baby bunnies are so cute. Maybe I could keep one and call it tetra. 

Ok says serai, I’ve got to go now. thanks for helping out. 

[skipped spider story part]

after spider story from graphic novel versionEdit

that evening Serai goes to the temple to take Jason smoothies.

he’s still has a fever and is not doing well, CHahtalen is concerned, Seerai again asks to be allowed to marry him and or dream with him, Raises the question of having a marriage in the dream plane while he is still unconscious. this is rejected because she is not aloud to dream with him while they are not married. ANd he has not agreed to marry her.

chathalen continues to refuse, harris isn’t able to talk with him much he’s less lucid in the dream world but does agree to eat the smoothie. 

serai goes hoime before the moon rises and the temple locks.

Serai goes and sits on the high clif and watches Aisis rise. by herself. 

then she goes home, and goes tobed. 

Serai wakes before AUbyn arrives. she checks the new spiders, and they all seem to be in their places and doing fine, she checks the newsbunnies ad hey are also doign well. she milks he goats so he has milk to make smoothis and gathers herbs and fruit for it, and  startsmakng smootes.  leaves a note saying Dear Aubyn, I ahve gone to take foood to my husband in the temple. Chathalen says he’s not doing well, ndhe did seem more sick last night but I’m sure he will be better soon. thank you for taking care of things while I am away. Love, Serai.

AUbyn finds the note embarassing nad rips it up and throws it in the trash fire. she puts LInk and zelda down to visit the other bunnies. 

she checks the spiders and Ruto has a huge web all over the doorway which aubyn cleans up.

notes Perry etc 2011Edit

I need to introduce the forager child who has replaced Allissa in the village. I need to name him and determine his role in the village. he might be Allissa’s little brother perhaps. thus he has spent a lot of time with Allissa Jayden and Chathalen, and will naturally take to Harris and try to get him to become a forager, but climbing is not going to be easy for Harris, so this boy will be anxiously awaiting Jason’s awakening so that Jason can go foraging with him. a name for him has not yet suggested itself. 

Perry, son of Dh’hara  …out of the hunter’s clan but became a forager because of Allissa and is good at it. Intends to marry the annoying daughter of the chief hunter.

Jason fights kitten, wildcat [and kitten] stalks them through the next day and night. In the morning she attacks them….Jason sees her,(perhaps his is awakened from a dream and will remember in a dream) Jumps up from sound asleep grabs the pole and kills the wildcat. He is injured by the wildcat, Harris Uses dreams o call for help Chathalen comes to help and insists on saving the kitten. 

[*need to explain the object Jason used to kill the wildcat mother]

They take Jason to the village, and he appoints Serai to take care of the wildcat. The village [hnters clan? who else?] considers them married because:

--they assume he wants to be married because men that age always want to be married

--they want Serai to be married. And she is a very high stats and in all ways desirable woman

--it is in all ways an honorable marriage, they can’t imagine anyone rejecting such a marriage (even Tersh’s brother, even though Tersh has refused to marry Serai also)

once in the village, Jason becomes more sick for a few days as the infection advances, and then he recovers, with the help of Harris Serai and the kitten which will like his wounds and transfer anti-bodies. Serai takes care of him as his wife. They have to choose to either let her act as his wife, or not to. while he is unconscious he seems to welcome her, so they let her. Her presence calms him so they feel she will help him heal. Bt she is not considered flly his wife,as she is not allowed to do any really intimant task

{what should determine the length of Jason’s illness?]

Harris knows this might upset Jason when he regains conciousness, but he doesn’t mind offending Jason at this points long as it helps Jason heal. He is very afraid Jason will die, and still slightly tempted to call Sen’tran and ask for rescue. on arrival, they might contact Sen…Sen might tell him to wait, or might offer to take Harris back but refuse to heal Jason because he respects Jason’s beliefs, but he might leave the final choice to Harris.

The first day Jason is awake he talks to Serai, and allows her to stay with him that night in the temple. in the morning he Is fully recovered from his fever, though still weak and tired, and he is able to think clearly again. He’s back to himself, only he’s not sure who he is anymore. they meet and discuss his plans and dreaming, and they decide not to send messages back maybe at this point, realizing it would be better to receive a more meaningful message a day later. D;neira has replied to the message previously sent to her acknowlaging that they have arrived and that she will speak to them and allow them to remain in the village for the time being, but does not agree to any other incursion into Kaar-taal at this point. ( maybe have a passage about Rhonda and/or Sen’tran receiving that message)

[they also talk about Jason’s role in the village]

[*need details of what the Paragangians hope to accomplish here…dreamstone…what happened 40 yrs ago]

after they have talked about all this, Jason and Harris are taken by Serai to meet Tersh, [Tersh would have met Harris long before this, so I need to update that  bit] and it is agreed Tersh will take them to Allissa that night. 

Jason is required to appear that evening before the village,[they meet morning and evening, these meetings are quite similar to the sort of meetings which accure in Paragangan communities, so Harris is more at home with it then Jason. there would me msic, chantimg ritual and recitation of oral historys, etc]  to be officially forgiven for endangering the village by attacking the wildcat. Serai represents him. She declares/demonstrates that the wildcat was dying and that Jason’s actions have saved the kitten. Perry, Chathalen, Harris, Zenathor and D’neira also speak for him, declaring his official stats within the village each in his own sphere. Tersh does not attend. Chathalen might represent him, receiving Jason as a member of their kinship group. He is received by the village as a hero and it makes him very uncomfortable, but he goes along with it, as an anthropologist. 

then, after he is made a member of the village…given his place. put in his place. “we will put you into your place at the village meeting’  through this ceremony,  it is time for the marriage ceremony. He is not ready, so he refuses to go through with it at that time, [he might not overtly refuse, D’neira might refuse to allow them to do it, ie refuse t perform the ceremony] but He does so in such a way that there is no rejection of Serai, basically he agrees to be committed to marry her later, agrees that he will marry her eventually when he is ready for marriage, but not at that time. Basically his claim is that he is not yet well enough to be her husband, and that he feels it is not fair to her, having had one incapable husband already to ask her to take another. So he rejects her in a way that shows greater respect for her than if he had accepted her. Implicit within what he says is the Idea that he will not marry her until he is ready to have sex with her? Which might make her feel justified in seducing him, to prove he is ready. this could be why he refuses to let her sleep with him that night and locks his door against her. He wants time without her to make his choice freely. [in current Version that happens,bt the descision is made by D’neira, and the village knows the significance of shutting the door. some of the oral history shared that night might be relivant to the significance …a romantic story about the last pair of dream keepers who were able to dream travel past the temple barrier.

of course Serai is not entirely supporting this plan, because she wants to be with him, feels they are already married, and belong together. it is her point that the idea that she can ever be alone without him is a false Idea because they are already joined together, even if the village ceremony has not taken place. he is no longer able to make a choice separate from her, because his choice determines her future as well as his. he knows as well as she does that they will be married. it is an accomplished fact in the future even if the time has not yet brought it into temporal existence. [she does however know that this obligates her even further to demonstate his/her ability to dream travel. –they will go to her hose expecting him to have traveled to her and find she is gone, gaurds might be set around her hose for the night.]

that night he sits in his room at the temple alone, playing his guitar, before he goes to sleep. He doesn’t want to sleep without here, so he stays up late.

then they have their community dream,{I don’t think they do this on that night in current version] and then in the community dream he falls asleep with her on the hillside. and he wakes with her in his room, and they agree to dream together, and I can use the old file for that part mostly…and he makes love with her not knowing she is there physically, not only there in a dream. 

in the morning he agrees to be immediately married, not to wait for evening when the village can be called together again. [current version the village is already celebrating their marriage when they emerge]

they have agreed to meet that morning with D’neira Chathalen and Harris. when they come out of Jason’s room D’neira Immediately performs the ceremony, nobody asks, it’s just understood between them all that that is what they are doing, and then D’neira suggests it is now time to send their meassages home, which they do. and Jason goes home with Serai while Harris goes to visit with Tersh and perhaps also Perry. “Perchande” 

*********** ********* ***********

[****one of the main gaps here still is a clear Idea of what the intentions of the Paragangians are, what Alexandreil is asking Jason to negotiate for. it will all hold together much better with that piece is in place. details of how the dreaming works also would be very helpful to the coheisiveness of it all.]


So they have arrived, and found their place in the village (I’m not yet sure of Harris’s place, but he will become part of Tersh’s family. Perhaps he will be some sort of a teacher. it also strikes me that he would do well as a weaver and an inventor. that he could well come up with new ways of creating things from the available technology. Maintaining the social order would be of top importance to him.  he would decline marriage offers because he does not intend to stay there, and is still loyal to Dara Jeen. He will perhaps train Perry and Tersh to take over part of Serai’s work because he knows Serai will have to leave with Jason. Jason doesn’t know that, though. Jason imagines he will just stay in D’zeron and leave behind his former life. the wild kitten very quickly attaches itself to Tersh, becoming a dreamworld companion to him, so it will remain with him rather than staying with Jason and Serai. ths solving the conflict with the angora possums and Kitten, bt increasing conflict with Marrisyl 

Perry will perhaps turn out to have limited dreaming skills, and Harris will train him in wind walking. Harris in this sense will perhaps discover that many of the men in Dzeron do have limited dream skills, even though they never have a tendency to visit the portal untrained, and Harris will become employed in training boys in the skills of wind walking, and in the establishment of dream bonds. {thus there need to be a few births in D’zeron durring their stay. there also need to be a few deaths. their might even be a death from the same disease Jason has shortly after Jason arrives, and a surviver of the disease who is brain damaged]

Everyone in D’zeron, basically, with have the ability to dream, the inheirited ability will turn out to actually be the desire to pursue developing that ability, the faith in the ability, which is passed culturally and not genetically. Some people even after being told all can dream will still refuse to learn. Allissa, being half Ancient has abilities no one else has. though there might be other haf-ancient people in the past of D’zeron and a mythology surrounding them [children conceived in the dream plane]

because Jason was connected to the dream plane when he killed the wildcat, [only half awake] Questzal will have helped him…perhaps actaly taken over his body and killed the wildcat himself] and will be able to restore his memories of the event.  Knowing he was not the one who did it as such might confuse his feelings, make him feel guilty for taking the credit, even more than not remembering made him feel guilty and Quetzal would laugh atthis very much. it might in fact be the main reason he restores the memories.

Harris wanting Jason to be Paragan (wanting to find Paragan) is equal to Jason wanting to find the butterfly girl. these also parallel their relationship with the gospel. Harris wants the gospel, Jason has it but wants to pretend it is not true, He wants his old way of thinking to be true, and is denying the truth of it. 

Harris’s equivalent of scriptre is star wars, Jason takes parables from LSD scripture and Harris takes parables form Star wars and perhaps from ancient earth fairytails.

next day from graphic NOvel Edit

Serai is gone at the temple all day and then she goes to the cliff to watch the moon rise. 

then she goes home. 

everyone is asleep. 

NO one is staying up to take care of Jason because he’s jsut sleeping peacefully now, but Serai is worried because Chathalen thinks this means he is getting sicker and is never going to wake up. 

while Jason and Harris are both asleep they can dream together. so HArris talks to him in their dream and tells him he needs to wake up now because everyone thinks he is dying. 

why do they think I am dying? maybe they are right Harris. maybe I am dying. 

NO insists harris. you are not dying. you promised me you would go look at the mural with me when we got back to Homestation. PAragangians choose when they die, and this is not your time. you haven’t even seen D’zeron yet, and you haven’t evem nmet your butterfly girl. she’s waiting for you. you need to wake up. 

Jason’s like huh?? kind of confused. the butterfly girl was jsut a dream. she’ll always be there in the dream world, where she always was. 

harris says, well I don’t know anything about that Jason but there’s a butterfly girl here in D’zeron who is waiting for you to wake up, and so I think you ought to get on with it now. 

Serai leave her house early in the morning as usual, taking with her smoothies for Jason. 

she arrives at the temple and Chathalen is there and she asks how Jason is doing. Harris and Jason are both still sleeping. “He doesn’t seem to ahve gotten any better, CHahtalen says. I don’t think he’ll be able to eat that he’s too sound asleep for you to be able to get him to swollow anything now. 

and she says, that’s ok I can jsut wait for him to wake up then. and CHathalen says He’s not going to jsut sudden;y wake up Serai, you might as well forget it. we’ve done all we could. 

I’m not going to jsut forget and pretend nothing ever happened, he’s my husband and as long as he’s not dead he’s alive, and he’s going to wake up. so I’m going to go try to get him to drink this. 

CHathalen shakes his head and walks out of the way. 

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