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Joshua enters the story in the Gift of Time series 7 years After young Carston Hawthorn disapears. In Waldo's transport repair shop on ESM, Waldo and Grace are recovering someone who attempted transport but failed to arrive out of The broken transport machine. it seems to be only one person and the codes entered indicate that is might be Carston. Who comes out is 45 year old San Heath and with him a white-haired, scarred young man who carries the memories of three men --all warriers who were faing deathin battle at the end of their memories--but none of his own memories, except for the fact that his name is Joshua.

He had been a souls stealing time traveling minion of Gaia [a Gaian ], who would travel around in Time and capture for Gaia the souls of Warriers as they died in battle. He has been released from the control of gaia by two other Young Gaians who were realeased soon after being infected by Ray Valentine , and are thus devoted to Ray and make it their mission to carry on his work which they understand to be resuing people from Gaia by any means possible.

He is about 5 ft. tall, but has a scar running continuously from his forehead around to the back of his neck down across his back and down his leg, ore than 6 feet long.

in the gift of time story, our first introduction to him is the guitar which is left for Carston Hawthorn by his time traveling grandfather, which bears among other images a picture of Joshua.

Joshua also appears in the Savior of HomeWorld Series. so far, he does not appear in destiny of dreams, but he main turn up there as I FIll in gaps in the timeline.

Creation and evolutionEdit

Joshua was born when Brokenbiskits described a character as "6 foot scar" meaning 6 ft tall with a scar, but the image of the phrase 6 ft scar entertained me enough to want to draw one. San Heath did not reveal himself to be an older version of Carston until later.