old notes dec 09

Jonathan implant sexuality telepathy Sentran

because he is an intentionally created son of Rhysoh he will have that same biological tendency to homosexual attraction and homosexual attractiveness that Darcy has. (His mother was from the same genetic collecting pleasure planet as Darcy) And he will not really know of it until his implant is removed.

He will be told by Sen’tran when he is implanted what he is and who he is and why he is being implanted. Sen’tran will instruct him that being homosexual in natural inclination does not obligate him to choose that lifestyle. As he has learned to control his telepathy, he will learn to control his sexuality. Sentran has him go through a series of excersizes on how to control the telepathy, because he knows having the telepathy suppressed will cause him to lose those skills, but this way as soon as the telepathy recovers the skills will recover. Sen’tran will take him away from the station alone for a week or so and train him for several day without the implant on how to live with the implant and help Alex without his telepathy, and then for three more days he will train him in what he needs to know when his implant is removed. He will as an 8 yr. old child have agreed to give up his telepathy and sexual orientation to be allowed to remain with Alex. This is what he will tell Alex in the dream trial when they see eachother again for the first time since Desmond’s death.

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