Jason colage 2 cropped resized
Jason wears round gold colored wire framed glasses, he's had them since the moment he was created. later in the story he stops wearing them, In D'zeron because he doesn't want to see clearly and later he might let his eyes get healed or something.

nobody wears glasses in his time period so they are a very archaic technology. extremely retro-tech.

in the first version they were supposed to make him look like an intelectual, in the current version they are just very retrotech, and are good for exploring the concept of sometime not wanting to see clearly, and weaknesses being blessings and healing not always being helping and such.

he gets special permission to take them with him to D'zeron. in the original version Serai was fascinated y his glasses and his ring because D'zeron has no metal. she doesn't know what they are when he walks into town wearing them on his face.

in the current version the are lost at the campsite when the wildcat attacks him. he doesn't have them on at the time, because he was asleep....and when he wants them Marrisyl goes back and finds them for him, which will be a few days after he wakes up, at least, after he's married and knows he's expecting a child and reality begins to set in, he wants to see clearly again.

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