From a 2012 note associated with the History of Paragangia files:

Harris has made himself a light saber and is playing Jedi with Jonathan, Jonathan being the Jedi master training Harris. Sen’tran doesn’t entirely approve of this game, thinking perhaps Jonathan is not the best role modal for his son. 

When Desmond goes to leave is message in the wall, Harris finds him there and has the light saber and Desmond talks to him, leaves him a coded message in his lost memories. he also takes the light saber from him and knights him with it as a Jedi Knight of Paragangia, and blesses him that he will be the protector of the Paragan child, that he will know and serve him without a doubt whenever and however they may meet, and he blesses his light Saber, and any other objects like unto that which Harris would create, that they will faithfully sere Paragan and be what he needs when he needs it 

unknown to any of them, this blessing give Jason the power to do things with that light saber that no-one else can do, and also gives Sylvia the power to become what she becomes and to do what Jason needs her to do in the battle with Thearon, and she is set free and made an independent being through the power of that blessing, and through her love for Harris, her creator, and her love of Paragan,