In Spring of 2012 Aubyn was really into graphic novels and somewhat interested in Destiny of dreams so I started trying to make a graphic novel of the story. I started writing a script for it, which was based on the older version, not the New start version, starting as the Marrion Jay arrived a Jai-Ten. I didn't get very far. And no drawing was ever done.

However this is not a dead project, it is just a way back on the back burner project. I'm sure at some point I will pursue this version again. I love graphic novels, and think they have interesting potential for this story because of how they enable the showing of two people's thoughts at the exact same time. this would be particularly interesting in scenes between Jason and Harris such as the Scene when they are arriving on the Marrion Jay at Jai-Ten.

edit july 2013

in spring of 2013 a second graphic novel verion was started on paper in a spiral notebook and quickly abandoned. this version was to follow the story line of the 2011 New Start Version. NOtes from that picture book version rekindled my interest in the story and thus lead to the July 2013 Jouney to D'zeron version, which starts with a minor edit of the newstart 2011 files but focuses on an indepth rewriting of the time from when jason and Harrris arrive in Kaar-Tal through their arival in D'zeron.

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