Dr Grace Chavez

Waldo 's Niece, who is a doctor, and her father is one of the leaders of Planet Mexico. She helps Wally with transport recoveries when people get caught in a transport, which is sort of like being dream bound. She attends to the medical needs of people He recovers from that situation.

She is present when San Heath and Joshua come out of the transport together.

She would probably have met Jason Scott-Harris as she would likely have been on ESM or planet Mexico wile he was there, although she might have been away at medical school at the time. He would not have noticed her, but she would be aware of him.

she was originally created as a drawing, that I named and gave a story to. Wally needed a Neice, because his name was "Uncle Waldo" I think it was Roy who came up with the name "Uncle Waldo" I created a sketch of Grace to be his Neice, which I will post here whenever I find it.

A few weeks later learned Uncle Waldo is the name of the "Marinated" goose in the movie Aristocats.

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