My father is a geneticist so the Idea of Genetics was something pretty common in my ambient culture.

this story has many significant genetic themes.

I'm going to start listing pages related to that here, and typing mete-story related to that here.

Genetic Alterations.Edit

--Taboo in Paragangian culture

--causes genetic instability and reproductive problems in Rhoisohan genetics.

--Although Sen'tran is adamantly against it, he Geneticaly alters Jason to change the appearance of his eyes when he is born. he probably also did some minor genetic alterations on Jonathan. the technology used to save shape-shifting mothers from being killed by unborn telepaths might include genetic alterations, on mother and/or unborn child.

Moonlight Oasis geneticsEdit

this brothel planet is used by Kai'zen for genetic experimentations. They have very strange and complicated genetics.

there will be much more on this when I figure it out. so far, they are bred to be prostitutes and to attract Biologically Paragangian men [to steal their genetic material]. thus they have a tendency to breed with Paragangians, and end up with alot of Paragangian ancestry bred in so they tend to find eachother attractive also. [this is important in the Matthias Prequel Pre-NaNo in the relationship between Tazmenae and Matthias who both descend from this planet]

also significant in explaining Harris's attraction to DaraJeen since she is of that descent.

Rhoisohan GeneticsEdit

Most of the genetically altered people of Moonlight Oasis also share this genetics.

The result of early Proto-Paragangian experimentation, the dream gene manifests in three different forms among this people--Dreaming which is rare, telepathy [which cannot coexist with dreaming in most cases] and shapeshifting[also rarely co-existing with dreaming]

Shifting and Telepathy often alternate generations. Shifters are rarely able to survive pregnancy with a telepath, so most shifters die before their telepathic offspring are born. Mating with Paragangians helps suppress this problem, as Paragangians tend to manifest the less dangerous for of the gene, dreaming. Since the shifting parent lacks the dreaming capacity, the dreaming skill generally remains latent and the child will genetically not be telepathic shifting or dreaming. often such children are mildly telepathic but otherwise normal. However they are highly at risk for producing shape-shifting offspring.

with the help of Paragangian medical care it is often possible for a shifter to give birth to a telepath without dying.

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