the file for this book also contains a lot of notes and time lines which I will list on the Fresh Start Version page or the 2012 fresh start files, not on this page. There are working files at the beginning before the chapters, and a folder at the start of each chapter containing notes and scraps.

Section one, Aliens Arriving, Chapters 1-8xdEdit

1 Harris and Jason arrive print version March 2012Edit

2 Harris and Sen'tran print version March 2010Edit

3 Jason waiting and remembering print version April 2010Edit

4 Anton print version Feb 2010Edit

5 DaraJeen print version 2010 MarchEdit

6 Lunchtime conversation print version Feb 2010Edit

7 Facing fears print version Feb 2010Edit

8 Sunset on the beach print version Feb 2010Edit

8xd Serai at Sunrise

Section 2 Into Dreams chapters 9-18Edit

9 Aissis print version Feb 2010Edit

10 Tark Rough March 2010Edit

11 Breakfast with Harris rough draft March 12 2010Edit

11x Jason and Rhonda rough fairly complete Feb 2010Edit

12 Museum of Retrotechnology girl notes March 2010Edit

13 Lunch with DaraJeen talk about Marriage notes March 2010Edit

14 Museum of retro tech old notes and scrapsEdit

14x Outline Jason returns to inn Nov 09 notes and scrapsEdit

15 Jason sleeps and dreams aloneEdit

15xd Serai talks to D'neira about aliens and marriage rough March 2010Edit

16 The next afternoon Jason leaves for Kaar-TaalEdit

17 Jason in Kaar-Taal on the beach notesEdit

17x0 Serai talks with Allissa about Marriage place holderEdit

17x1 Rhonda asks Harris to go with JasonEdit

17xd Village Meeting--cahnged POV March 2010Edit

17xk Jason in the PM on beach in Kaar-TaalEdit

17xkd meeting continues. Needs reduced. March 2010Edit

18 Jason Dreams and is attacked by fire serpentsEdit

Section 3 Harris and Chatalen's Journey's. Notes and old scraps. Chapters 19-29Edit

20xd POV to Chatholen Allissa casts the barrier rough March 2010Edit

21 Harris decides o ave Jason outlline scraps Nov 09Edit

25 Chathalen ascends old file edited March 2010. Reduce further.Edit

26 Sen'tran Removes Harris's ImplantEdit

28 scraps Harris travels to Kaar-Taal print versionEdit

28 Harris travels to Kaar-Taal. Random scraps Nov 09Edit

Section 4 Pathways to Salvation chapters 30-41 scraps and notesEdit

30 Harris arrives to Rescue Jason print version rough Feb 2010Edit

31 scraps Harris and Jason convo before swimming convo March 2010Edit

32 Baptism rough print versionEdit

33 DOnish Marrisyl Nov 09Edit

34 donish Chathalen and D'neira talk of love and barriers Nov 09Edit

35x Kaar-Taal campfire conversation first night about Paragan March 2010Edit

35x2 Para hist Tark scraps campfire convo on beach March 2010Edit

36 random craps from trip to D'zeronEdit

37 old scraps Harris and Jason meet D'neira on dream planeEdit

38 scraps and notes Jason kills wildcat and Jason's recoveryEdit

40 38-40 notes Hason kills cat harris contacts ChathEdit

40 notes outline harris and chathalen provide medical care fro JasonEdit

40 FFM 3 Chathalen and Harris talk about healing and deathEdit

41 notes why Harris and chath catch kittenEdit

Section 5 D'zeron the dream world notes and scraps Chapters 42-?Edit

42 scraps and notes arriving in D'zeronEdit

[this is a folder containing other folders, alot of material, I will not copy it all right now]

42 scraps and notes arriving in the village Edit

Section 6 Eternity rising, Butterfly Girl notes scraps chapters 46-59 Edit

46 Jason awakens and meets SeraiEdit

46x1 Chathalen talks with Jason in the afternooonEdit

47 Harris and Jason talk Nov09Edit

48 Jason talks to Chathalen about marriage Nov 09Edit

49 DInner with Serai Nov 09Edit

50 Jason and Serai share a spring dream with KittenEdit

51 meeting with DD'zeron leadersEdit

52 Jason's job, for Aex and in D'zeron misc May 09Edit

53 Meeting Tersh slightly edited old versionEdit

54 the town meeting Edit

55 Jason sleeps alone notes. scene moved.Edit

56 Chapter removed, numerical place holderEdit

57 Serai and Jason dream Marriage Feb 8 2010 Edit

58 Engagement Feb 2010Edit

58 and 59 old versions [folder I will not copy contents at this time]Edit

59 letters home outlines Feb 9 2010Edit

Section 7 Tell him to go home chapters 60-73 notes and scrapsEdit

60 festival and calling as dream keepersEdit

61 notes Serai's house whiffle and Djinn Perry etc Dec 19Edit

62 Jason and Serai become Dream Keepers empty fileEdit

63 Jason's introduction to Forraging with PerryEdit

64 discussion of wind dreaing and dream stone. outtakes from leaders meetingEdit

64 wind walkingEdit

65 old scraps Tersh takes them to visit Allissa in dreamsEdit

76 Marrion Jay leavingEdit

[end of this folder contains many folders of scraps and archives and notes which I will not transfer now]Edit

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