This is the version of the main Destiny of Dreams Trilogy which is contained in the freshstart files of 2010.

It was the current version before the New Start Version and was edited between 2009 and the time the New Start Version was created in 2011

The term freshstart referred to how I was organizing the files, not to the story itself, whereas the New Start actually added chapters to the beginning of the book.

Freshstart Book 1 Son of Desmond HarrisEdit

Starts with Jason and Harris arriving at Jai-Ten on the Marrion Jay and ends with them watching the Marrion Jay fly away and leave them in D'zeron.

Freshstart Book 2 HomeboundEdit

Starts with Allissa finding Jayden in the well of Morning, ends with Tark [aka Lenn] explaining why he was in there , after Chathalen and Allissa break the barrier and are married.

Book 2 homebound storyline Aug 2010Edit

1-12 short version June 09 Homebound nov 09 [folder]Edit

1 Jayden and AllissaEdit

3 dream flightEdit

4 Town meetingEdit

5 Allissa casts th barierEdit

6 allissa mourns ChathalenEdit

7 Allissa remembers Chathalen and SeraiEdit

8 Allissa Decides to go homeEdit

9 Alllissa talks to D'neiraEdit

10 Allissa sleeps by the river and dreams with TershEdit

11 not written Allissa travels to the dragonsEdit

12 Tersh and Allissa on Far hillEdit

Allissa background scrapped from ch 1 plus Nov 09 brainstormingEdit

20 village meeting [old chapter moved from book one]Edit

book 2 files from april09 [folder]Edit

old file Tark Tersh Harris realize the well can break the barrierEdit

Freshstart Book 3 Smoke of Burning RootsEdit

Starts in D'zeron in the spring with a root-burning transition ceremony which has been referred to in other books. at this time they decide to go Home to earth and to Home station.

While they are there, several backstories are told, including Desmond and Gloria's story and Lenn and Alexandreil's story.

It will end with a ceremony on earth or Homestation similar to the one in D'zeron.

Des and Gloria Aug 2008 [folder]Edit

Jo'saranae Harridaen Jan 09 Edit

Smoke of Burning Roots events Nov 09Edit

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