Foresight is a dream-related skill which is a curse prevalent in the Paragan and Harridaen families.

They are trained from a young age how to suppress this skill but occasionally someone chooses not to heed this training, usually because the skill is pronounced enough that they have realized something good will come of their skill before they gain mastery over it.. Josarenae Harridaen aka Jo Jenzar is one of those people, and Re Jenzar. TO refuse the training is in no way shameful, it is just unwise, as knowing everything that's going to happen before it happens is a very uncomfortable life, and this skill tends to take up a persons reasoning capacity and render them confused, insane, irrational and unable to interact much with other people. Once committed to the path of foresight it's not usually possible to turn back. Most people who choose this path live short unhappy lives.

Jenzars occasionally manifest this skill to a lesser degree and are more able to contain it. Sen'tran has occasional flashes of foresight, which he finds very annoying.

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