Now and then I decide I want a picture of something, or I want to learn how to draw something, and so I do several versions of the same thing. those will be listed here with links to related illustrations.

Jason and Baby Emily illustration project At the end of Destiny of Dreams, basically the end of Jason's part of the story, Jason holds His new born baby daughter Emily in his arms and finally knows everything is going to be okay. This picture sort of represents that final scene.

Paragangians Drawing project

Paragangians are hard for me to draw because they have black skin, catlike teeth and are taller than the average human,

Grinnning with catlike teeth drawing project Paragangians are supposed to have catlike teeth and they rarely grin, but Harris does, and at first Jason finds him terrifying.

scene illustrations art projectsEdit

I often want to be able to see a visual representation of certain scenes, so I try to draw them or ask a freind on Storm artist to try, or pay a freind on DA to try.