old file from 8/29/2008

When Derrick and Alex recruit Desmond, Desmond leads the project to build a new station to be the central government for the Paragangian unity. The plan is to unite the factions under Alex, who is the leader of the governmental faction and Desmond and Derrick negotiate with the factions. The factions don’t like Alex, but agree that unity would be better, and none of the other faction leader wants to rule all Paragangia. Desmond overseas the building of the station. At some point it is decided that Desmond should take Paragangian citizenship, perhaps when the station is built, so he can be made the governor of the station. Since he is part paragangian, he can have his genetics analyzed and receive a paragangian name and status through his genetics, if he links to someone in the computer.

This is how they learn of his identity.

They decide to make him the governor of the station, so they dress him up as a paragangian, darken his hair and skin to make him look the part, and

He places his hand on a genetic sensor, publically as part of a ritual to promote him to the governorship of the new station, to prove he is genetically paragangian, and it processes his genetic codes, and comes up with his genetic name as Vendantallian Paragon. The assembled crowd bows to him, and the rituallists proceed to crown him king. (incidentally it also comes up with part of his genetic code being earth human, and another part unknown alien.

Alex protests, but everyone else is so in favor of him that Alex has to withdraw. Alex does not return to the station for 5 years, he never meets Gloria, Gloria leaves before the ceremony (Desmond has just said good by to her when he meets with Harris in the courtyard.) though he has heard she is dating Derrick cause it is widespread news.

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