Most of the religion so far addressed in this story is Christianity. I hope to correct this in the future writing in more different religions as appropriate.

Most of the Christianity in this story is LDS Christianity, but there are a a few exceptions.

In the Jordan and Suzanne story [[[Lynzee's Fountain]] ] Jordan's family are Catholic because Jordan was converted to Christianity by a priest in a small mexican village, which makes Catholic the most able to ring true in my mind. I think of Mexican village priests as being Catholic, although they could theoretically be anything else in a few hundred years.

likewise, Suzanne's family is non-demominational Christian, because she lives in some small town in Kansas and the religion is a big part of the culture of her town. I may change her to some specific denomination, probably methodist or baptist, because those are the two churches I have access to in my small town when I a ready to learn about how such churches operate so I can write that part of her story realistically.

In destiny of Dreams Matthew at the door of ESM is Christian but not LDS [though He may later become LDS, along with Darcy he is sort of his mentor in the Shamen Guild]

In the Savior of HomeWorld , as well as the LDS Stone family, there is a colony of Christian extremists on Blue Destiny, of which Julie 's family was a part.