the Chosen Ones are people who were Unchosen and chose to become human. They include

Jason Scott-Harris [protagonist of Destiny of Dreams ]

Emily Hawthorn [protagonist of HomeWorld series]

Emily Scott-Harris [Daughter of Jason and Serai]

Isaiah [[[Unchosen]] Wikki after he becomes Emily's son]

Rae [Grandmother of Desmond Harris ]

The Unchosen have the power to command Living Stone , which allows them to control certain technologies others can not, including calling and shape-shifting HomeWorld Aircars .

The Chosen Ones have the power to call or send away Gaia,, and Gaia has some living stone within his body because the shape-shifting body of Wiki was used in the creation of Leviathan , forcing WIki to possess Emily without casting out her spirit. She was then able to conceive a body for him to inhabit by seducing Daniel Stone, whom she them married, and together they founded HomeWorld LDS colony in order to protect The rest of the Unchosen From Leviathan /Gaia

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