A baby dragon who lives in the Ancient Forest with Lenn .

in the 2007 version of Destiny of Dreams Lenn hid Aubyn's brother Jayden in the well of morning, a hole in the ground which is shielded from the dream plane, in order to get their mother Montarra to think Jayden was gone and therefor to hatch Aubyn.[Dragons only hatch one young dragon at a time, and he had already formed a dream relationship with the unborn AUbyn] when Jayden is rescued by Allissa , Lenn then kidnapped Aubyn and ran away from the Dragons seeking refuge in the Ancient Forest  .

This doesn't all add up quite right and isn't of great significance to the current story, so it may change.

Named for my daughter Aubyn [who has often been a contributer to this story] because she wanted me to add in a dragon named after her the first day or so when I started writing the Nano novel version.. [i should make a disambiguation page for those two]

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