small tools weapons etc

Emily's Guitar

Harris's light saber

Jason's glasses

Jason's guitar,

Navigation chairs

recoloring device

architecture type thingsEdit

Waters Hall

Waters Hall Tower

Temple of D'zeron,

the Pillars of D'zeron,

the Well of Morning,

Ship Communities

Paragangain doors and furniture


air cars

[There are two types of air car, Paragangian Reverse Drive Air cars, and HomeWorld Living Stone Technlogy air cars, which can also fly through space.]

Paragangian Navigation [see also Reverse Drive]

Reverse Drive --the propulsion system of most Paragangian spaceships, especially ShipCommunities [see also Paragangian Navigation]


Taxi Ships


JumpGates I would come up with a more creative name for these, but I'm a lazy coward. they are for transporting small spaceships from one place to another. the Marrion Jay is faster than a Taxi [Navigated by the same person: a Taxi Navigated by Harris can go faster than the Marrion Jay Navigated by anyone else] but too large to travel through a JumpGate.

electronics medicine etcEdit


Central Control Implant

Memory Implant

genetic records

recycling and material generation

Sylvia [she is both an artifact and a character]


Living Stone

Blue Stone

Dream Stone