on my favorite art sharing website, , we do a thing we call Art Jam. We each post a referance picture for an origional character or several, and then we each draw as many of the other peoples characters as we can or want to. 

I try to draw everything but I never do.

the past few times I have been the administrator of the Art Jam.

Art Jam November 2013

I shared Billy and his pet spider. those pictures are listed already on his page, I'll add them here eventually

Art Jam March 2013

I shared Gloria Scott and Desmond Harris . nobody liked Desmond I's pretty boring to draw.

Art Jam Dec 2012.

I shared Matthias and Sheila

art Jam may 2012

I shared things not from the Paragangia universe that time.

art jam feb 2012

I shared Jason Harris and Marisyl 

first Art Jam Nov 2011

I was not able to participate that time.

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