[oct 13 2013] In early September 2013 I started an update of some chapters of the Newstart Version in order to use that to base the graphic novel script on. 

having not actively worked on this story in a few years, I got very interested and went through and updated all of the first section up the the point of Jason's arrival in D'zeron, at which point I got bogged down in details of things relating to the parts about Allissa which have been moved to book 2, and about that time AUbyn took interest in the graphic novel project, so my attention turned to that. 

I'm cionsidering a NaNo project for Next month related to this part of the story, perhaps from a book 2 POV Allissa perspective. I would like to get Aubyn to help with this part, but I don't have high hopes of that actually happening. 

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