As of Oct 5 2012,Edit

I decided to write a backstory NaNo Novel in Nov 2012.

This story is called the History of Paragangia [sort of referencing Lynzee's Fountain as it is named by the art object which is central in the story: Gloria Scott 's mural.]

THe story will start with Gloria Scott's father telling her she should get married and settle down. and proceed through getting asked to make the mural, getting a pseudo implant going to the station falling in Love with Desmond Harris , painting the mural, Hanging out with Jonathan Landon and 4 yr old Harris Jenzar , her father dying, getting pregnant and finding out Desmond is really Paragan . the completion of the mural, her return home and the death of Desmond.

the birth of Leon will be mentioned, and Darcy will be a fairly prominent character, as well as Rae .

It will not include the birth of Jason. although I might have a brief Epilogue stating that he was born and basic birth announcement information.

my intention is to keep this story simple, to keep it from expanding too much. And to complete it with a fairly coherent story line, most of which I am planning out beforehand, but the actual text I will not start writing until November first.

Update Nov 28 2012Edit

i finished this NaNo Novel yesterday with over 67000 words. I have maybe half to a third of chapters semi-written and the other part outlined with chapter content. there is still alot of grey area in the parts immediately surrounding Desmond's death, which I am still hoping to get cleared up in the next few days. If not I will do it in the next few weeks before I set it aside for a time to get some distance from it. Neil sort of Dared me to publish it so I am not going to post it here right away.

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